About Sunwise Capital

In Scottish folklore, Sunwise was considered the “prosperous course”, turning from east to west in the direction of the sun.

About Sunwise Capital: Most owners are not able to apply to a bank for a small business loan. The reason is that banks require large amounts of paperwork, financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral, and high credit.

As an entrepreneur and small to medium-sized business owner, you may not know where to go for capital when traditional banks cannot fund your loan requests for capital. Perhaps you want to expand your businesses or better manage your cash flow. This is especially true for those that have bad credit.

Our Story

We launched in 2005 to solve a major issue facing small businesses – getting money and working capital for the business and not a personal loan. We found this out ourselves as the owners of a fledgling company doing $18M in annual revenue. We were unable to access term loans and the financing we needed to continue to grow.

As a result, we combined our passion for being a small business owner who lived in the trenches with the latest technology to evaluate companies based on their actual performance, not personal credit. We understand the challenges of building a business through equity, debt and off-balance-sheet financing, maintaining cash flow, making payroll, business expansion, and inventory/equipment management.

Our Concept

To say “yes” to small business owners more often and faster than traditional lenders to get the deal done. This let’s you spend your time where it should be – running and growing your business with access to capital and fair financing.


Our Mission

At Sunwise Capital our mission is to provide businesses the capital to achieve financial credibility resulting in your business, which provides you, the owner, long-term access to capital, and wealth. Together we will positively impact the survival and success rate of Small Business in America.

Our Process

Running a business is hard work. Getting a small business loan from Sunwise Capital is not. We offer a performance-based model to the applicant, even is you do not have good credit. This model makes business loans or merchant cash available to the millions of well-run businesses that just miss the cut for a traditional bank loan.

We will analyze the volume of cash flow in your business, which is a better indicator of your company’s financial health than your personal credit score.

This analysis allows us to lend to businesses that would otherwise get declined for a business loan by a traditional bank. By changing the evaluation process, Sunwise Capital has made it easy for you to receive a large loan amount at fair rates. We just need business bank statements, a FICO score over 500, for an opportunity to receive a cash term loan. Borrowers will receive repayment options at a fair interest rate based on several risk assessment factors.

Technology Software

The Sunwise Capital loan processing system is engineered to be able to handle hundreds to thousands of loans per month in a scalable environment unlike the bank.

Our solution processes business loan applications more efficiently. We understand the challenges that lenders faced designing a robust loan management system.

Sunwise Capital made partnerships with technology companies in the business lending space to integrate their services into one seamless platform so you can get the cash you need when you need it.

Our systems are dynamic. The systems update continuously using the most recent data available. Synchronized Loan Systems and Data Management Platform are changing the way we as a lender do business to get you the cash.

Technology and Small Business Expertise

At Sunwise Capital our team is knowledgeable and well-trained experts in loan options. They are all well equipped to understand the challenges of owning a small business, regardless of credit.

We use a unique approach proven to be highly predictive of actual risk. What that means to you, the owner is a higher approval rate, and a full range of custom loan offers for our clients.

There must be a reason why just over seventy-five percent of our customers return two to three times a year. To us this only means one thing – it works!

Advanced Underwriting

This system is designed to help us underwrite business loans with the right rates and terms. We use a sophisticated loan matrix and an industry leading champion challenger underwriting process.

This process ensures that we constantly have the very best tools in the industry to target and successfully underwrite the business loans we want at the lowest prices

Conversion Focused Loan Processing

Business Loan processing is a race. The first company to the customer has a much better chance of increasing conversion.

The Sunwise Capital program centers around this concept. We ensure our underwriting staff has the tools to help the business owner who reaches out to us looking for working capital and loans. As a result, we can approve a loan within twenty-four hours and offer options from the same day to a few business days.

Many entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners do not know where to go when the bank cannot fund their loan requests for capital, a merchant cash advance, or simply fairly priced capital to expand their business or better manage cash flow.

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