Business Loans New York

Getting a small business loan, like everything else in New York, is a dime a dozen. There seems to be a business lender around every corner hawking a small business loan. So how do you decide who is selling the high-pressure, high-risk, high-interest-rate loans on Canal Street versus the top online lender that offers a low-interest rate loan program with the best terms? As a business owner, you need small business funding that improves cash flow. You need financing that reflects your gross revenue and not just your credit score.

Well, look no further than Sunwise Capital. We provide a sensible, straightforward approach to business financing.

We offer NYC business solutions from the SBA loan, merchant cash advance, and business line to equipment financing all with a flexible loan payment and easy application process.

Rest assured, entrepreneurs and small business owners get financing options that are not available from the traditional financial institution or credit union. We are a business online lender in the United States and we offer highly competitive rates and terms. We provide financial assistance when you need it.

Our New York loan programs offer a wide range of funding options, including:


  • Daily Payments, Weekly Payments, and Monthly Payments
  • One-page Loan Application
  • Loan terms range from 3 months to five years
  • Commercial Real Estate SBA Loans up to 25 years– get away from the landlords
  • Rates starting as low as 5.49%
  • Cash Advance, Line of Credit, and Term Loans
  • Fix & Flip Real Estate and Rental Property Loans for Small Landlords


Who has time for a salesman?


At Sunwise Capital, we get right to the bottom line. Our no-hassle approach gets you straight to the underwriter.

There is no hype or drama. No BS. Just the facts and figures.


Startup Small Business Loans in NYC

Whether you are looking for startup business loans with bad credit or the best options for startups on SBA loans (we are affiliated with a direct SBA lender), we can help you.

Based on our years of experience and our ability to get you funded means more money to you. On top of that our returning customers get more money at better rates and better terms.

Our goal is to be a lifetime business resource for your growth and expansion.


It’s not just for startups

Sunwise Capital provides small business loans to over 700 industries and local businesses in all 50 states. From doctors and dentists to auto repair and mechanics, our average business client is seven years old with close to a million dollars in annual revenue.

Eligible businesses do anywhere between $15,000 a month in revenue to $15M a year or more. To secure a small business loan you must be in business for at least one year. Your credit score needs to be over 500. The minimum small business loan is $10,000.

We have loans for people with bad credit to term loans that will make the banks blush with rates starting at 5.49% for terms up to 5 years. Many of our loans do not require a traditional personal guarantee nor require collateral.

What this means to you is a long-term relationship with a lender that is all business.

We don’t have to tell you that getting a small business started is tough enough, do you agree? Securing the working capital to fund that business doesn’t have to be that difficult.

That’s why we offer a streamed-line approach to getting you the money you need. Once we receive your one-page application and three months of business bank statements, we can have you approved in 24 hours or less.


Fast Business Loans THAT FUND SAME DAY

Need the money in a hurry? Everyone knows New Yorkers are in a rush. Right?

You must move fast to survive in the city. We get it. That’s why we offer same-day funding for those emergencies. Just let us know. If the amount is $50,000 or less, chances are we can do it. Need more? Get up to $500,000 within two business days. Business owners can get up to $2M without business plans.

How to start a business in NY with no money

Starting a small business in NY is no easy task, right? Especially when it comes time to fund it. The sheer volume of competition makes the odds of survival low. Let’s face it; nationally most new businesses don’t make it past the first year.

That’s why Sunwise Capital provides you with the assistance and best information to make sure you do things right, the first time.

New to Business?

Whether you are you’re contemplating or in the initial phase of starting a business, then we’d highly recommend reading our Authoritative Guide on Building Business Credit.


How do I start a small business in New York?

Starting a business in NYC requires a checklist. There are too many rules and regulations that can keep your dreams from unfolding.

If you’re serious about getting financing for your business, then you must comply with all the local, city, and state regulations.

Sunwise Capital wants to help you stack the deck. That’s why we show you how to get a business loan. New Your nonprofits looking for a grant program my want to start here.

We also suggest checking out ” what’s required to do business in New York City?

Here you will find the seven steps to help you.


They are:

  • Create a Business
  • Register Your Business
  • Finance your Business
  • Search for and Plan Your Space
  • Prepare to Open
  • Hire a team
  • Open and Operate

Women entrepreneurs may also want to check out New York Business Express. This portal is another fantastic resource that gives you the advice necessary to navigate how to obtain a business license in NYC to how to register a company in NY