The healthcare services industry has challenges.  We know that.  Whether it’s managing your finances in an ever increasing right marketplace or keeping abreast of the innovations, both digitally or technologically, it’s enough to make you lose patients (pun intended!).

Oh, and did we mention the regulatory and compliance issues?

These are but a few of the multitude of challenges that occur almost daily.  It’s pretty evident that as a health services provider you must meet these challenges head on.


  • Finding alternative lenders and sources of capital
  • Finding alternative equipment leasing programs
  • Finding way to bundle your providers or vendors to save money
  • Finding ways to share resources with others in your industry


If you’re looking for a small business loan for healthcare, you’ve probably already discovered how difficult it can be. Most banks and lenders won’t lend to the majority of small businesses. Add to the mix the inherent challenges to the healthcare industry and it adds up to a bad combination.

How Much Would You

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Get approved today and have money in your account within two days.

Most banks requirements are simply too restrictive.

Besides, processing a traditional loan can take weeks.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, when you need financing

for your small business, you usually need it fast.

Turned Down for Healthcare Equipment Finance?

In the wake of the Great Recession, banks and other traditional lenders clamped down on their lending practices. This tightening of credit along with the passing of the Affordable Care Act was a brutal one, two punch to the gut of the healthcare industry.

In particular, they set up rules that prevent the majority of small businesses in the healthcare service industry from qualifying for loans. To obtain the typical business loan, you must put up hefty collateral, and you usually have to personally guarantee the loan too. Therefore, your personal credit usually has to be stellar.

Healthcare equipment finance and business loans for other healthcare needs shouldn’t be this complicated or restrictive. Fortunately, Sunwise Capital is here to fill the gap.

Flexible Small Business Loans for Healthcare Professionals

Whether you’re looking to expand your practice, need to make payroll or want to catch up on insurance or tax payments, a small business loan for healthcare from Sunwise Capital may be the answer. We offer loans to companies across more than 700 industries, and we customize our loans to suit our clients’ needs.

Many loans can be repaid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and we offer terms ranging from one to five years. We’re flexible in terms of time too, as we offer same-day approval and next-day funding for loans of up to $150,000.


Healthcare Equipment Finance and More

Running a successful practice is a lot of work. You always need to keep your eye on growing and expanding to stay competitive. If you lack the resources to do so, you risk losing patients–or even shutting your doors.

Unlike traditional lenders, you don’t need a pre-approved reason to obtain a loan from us. Use the loan to finance new equipment and supplies, to hire new employees, to renovate or expand the practice or for anything else. We offer everything from short-term business loans to bad credit business loans to merchant cash advances, so we can accommodate your unique needs with ease.


Apply for a Small Business Loan Today

Don’t put those dreams of expansion on hold, fall further behind on taxes or otherwise miss out on running your practice effectively. When your small healthcare business needs financing, traditional business loans from banks and big lenders aren’t the answer. Skip the frustration, stress and disappointment by applying for a small business loan for healthcare from Sunwise Capital. It only takes a few minutes, and everything is handled online. There is absolutely no obligation or cost, so apply for a loan from Sunwise Capital today.

Health Services Business Loans

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