Are You Eligible for our Short Term Business Loans?

Time in Business
1 Year Minimum
Yearly Revenue
$200,000 +
$10,000 to $2M
Credit Score
500 + FICO Score

Have you ever had to pass on an exciting business opportunity because your company didn’t have enough cash? If so, you know how frustrating it can be.

Like many small businesses, you may experience fluctuating revenues. Or maybe you’re unable to come up with large sums of cash on demand.

You could try your local bank. The challenge here is that traditional bank loans take forever to process. And worse forever to repay. That’s where a short term business loans lender like Sunwise Capital differ.

We provide short term business loans online and working capital for companies across more than 700 industries. Our process couldn’t be simpler. We have fast approvals within 24 hours. Funding in one business day. Find out how convenient it can be to obtain a short term business loan by reading on below.

How to Build a Business with Short Term Business Loans

This question usually arises when the demand for your product or service is greater than the supplies or inventory on hand. One challenge that business owners run into every day is when vendors do not allow for an extension of credit to cover his demand.


Where to Get Short Term Loans and the Next Big Opportunity

What if you have the chance to bid on a project or receive a huge purchase order? The issue at hand is that you won’t be paid for 30, 45 or even 60 days. Can’t get a line of credit?


What is a Short Term Business Loan and Advance?

No reason to take a personal loan for business when we have several loan types including unsecured business loans with no traditional personal guarantees as well as cash advance loans.

The challenge is your vendors or supplier needs payment within 14 days. Naturally, if you don’t have the working capital or cash on hand, you might have to miss this golden opportunity. That is where the best short term business loans from Sunwise Capital help your business.


Seasonal Businesses use Short Term Business Loans

Do you have a seasonal business that could use a short term business loan just before the holiday season?

Do you need to add additional employees to handle sales?

Maybe you need to restock your shelves with inventory?

Or maybe you need to increase your advertising and promotional expenses right before the holidays season?

Cash Flow Seasonality

Expansion Emergencies

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Fast Approval Short Term Small Business Loans

Wondering how you can get a quick loan online? We’ve developed a streamlined approval process for our convenient short term business loans, so getting the fast cash that you need to seize that great opportunity is as easy as can be. Let us know if you need an instant decision.

Why Short Term Loans?

The only significant difference between short term small business loans or cash advances  and a traditional term loan type is the duration or repayment period of the loan.

Which Type of Short Term Business Loan?

When the payback terms are between three months and 12 months, this is a short term loan. Payments can be daily or weekly, and the longer term loan’s payment terms can be weekly or monthly. You do not need excellent credit to qualify.

Short Term Business Loans vs. Long Term Business Loan?

Quick Short Term Loan Online


Loan terms range from three to 12 months


Small short term loans between $10,000 and $250,000

FICO 500+

Short term cash loans – Credit ratings FICO score 500+



Need fast cash? Get an instant decision – We can approve your business loan in as little as 24 hours


Fund your loan in a day or two



Take advantage of business opportunities



Peace of mind. Keep your business running at full capacity


Traditional Bank Business Loans Our Short Term Loans Offer:

  • Straightforward and streamlined application process

  • No assets or collateral

  • No traditional personal guarantees

  • One page loan application form. You can apply online.

  • Last three months of business banks statements

Pre-Approvals and Offers Need To Provide:

  • Driver’s License

  • Voided Business Check

  • Proof of Ownership

Short Term Business Loans Working Capital:


Securing online loans and capital for growth or expansion that has an immediate Return on Investment (ROI)


Inventory opportunities with return of capital


Advertising or marketing campaigns


Seasonal hiring or supplies







1•2 DAYS



7 – 180 DAYS




7% – 30%


2 DAYS +

8% – 30%


1-2 DAYS

7% – 25%


1-2 DAYS

7% – 25%


1 – 7 DAYS




1.14% – 1.48%



5.99% – 36% APR

Which are the Best Short Term Loans Companies?

You shouldn’t have to make a long-term commitment when you only need to borrow money for a short period – and you shouldn’t have to wait forever to get it, either.

Short term business loans from Sunwise Capital give you exactly what you need when you need it, so you can capitalize on that incredible opportunity without skipping a beat.

Our proprietary online loan application process is handled entirely online and only takes a few minutes, and loan approvals are a day or less.

Pros and Cons of Short Term Loans


  • Like all financial decisions, getting short term business loans has its pros and cons. The advantages include knowing that you have a set payment. It can be weekly or perhaps it’s daily.
  • We base our installment loans payment schedule on the risk associated with your industry, cash flow, time in business and average daily bank balances (there are well over 200 points that determine this risk).
  • Another benefit is the limited paperwork and the fact that there is no challenge with poor credit. We do not report to the personal credit bureaus, however, we do report to the business credit bureaus, thereby helping you build your business credit.
  • Perhaps the biggest pro is that the money or use of funds is for any business purpose. There is no need to get specific approval for the use of funds.


  • The cons are limited. As we address below, the annual costs of funds and the annual percentage rate are potentially greater than the rates associated with a long term loan.
  • The other challenge is your cash flow may make the payments challenging, especially if your revenue is inconsistent or spikes due to the nature of your business.
  • The best way to think of the benefits of this type of business loan is as follows. How long are you holding onto whatever the business loan is securing?
  • If you were going to buy a piece of equipment that lasts seven years, I would not want to have to pay a short term business loan off in 10 months.
  • Responsible lending dictates you should find the least expensive loan available.
  • On the other hand, if you make inventory purchases that sell in the 30 to sixty days and this is happening on an ongoing basis; then you wouldn’t want a business loan for the next five years.
Top Questions About Short Term Small Business Loans

What loan products are right for your business? The question about fast loans comes up often.

We hear it all the time. Business owners are often telling us, “I need a short term loan.”  More often than that we get asked if we offer short term loans with bad credit?

Yes, we offer several types of loans including these short loans for people with bad credit. In fact, there is a potential double benefit to using a short business loan.

First, these loans report when you repay on time to the business credit bureaus. The benefit to you is that if your company has little to no business credit, this can get your business well on its way to begin the business credit building process.

Equally as important is that we do not report to the personal credit bureaus. Why is that so important?

For several reasons. First, most business owners will borrow money from themselves. It can be in the form of savings, a home equity loan of credit or even from their retirement funds.

Another popular option is the use of personal credit cards or the credit cards that are in the business name only and have your personal guarantee behind it.

The main reason you do not want to use personal funds is that it keeps undue pressure on your FICO score. By letting the business stand on its own, you treat it as a separate taxable entity.

Rather than use more “personal credit” you’re shifting the burden to the business. In turn, this reduces the amount of personal credit you are using which lowers your credit utilization rate.

Short term business loan rates can be more expensive than a longer term loan, especially with poor credit.

A soft credit pull or traditional credit check will determine the credit risk to the lender. However, for those of you who need financing and have credit challenges, this may be your only option.

This business loan shifts the burden of financial responsibility to your business. In the offhand event that you run into financial challenges, and have late re-payment, why have debt collectors knocking on your front door? It is the business’ responsibility.

Once you make the decision to shift the credit to your business it begs the question, “are these quick short term business loans good for my business?”

Take a step back by asking yourself whether you need working capital for your business? If you say “Yes” the next question becomes, how much, and what will it do for my business?

The Benefits Outweighs the Total Repayment

Examples of Short Term Loans in Action

Miami, Florida R & D Manufacturing Company Sizzles with Short Term Financing

This technology company offers worldwide customer’s frequency components. The industries range from the medical, telecommunications, wireless, industrial, computer, consumer and many other segments of the electronic industry. There were several challenges for this company doing annual revenue of between $600 – $700K per year. They had erratic cash flow, daily bank balances that are below national averages for the industry, a significant loss in 2015, reasonable FICO and declining revenue over the past three months.  Working with a top 10 best business loans lender like Sunwise Capital enables them to get a $55,000 loan for 12 months.

Michigan Dentist Needs Major Fillings. His Toothache Disappears with a Short Term Bad Credit Loan

Dentists loans are just one of our specialties.

This dental practice sits 15 miles northwest of Detroit, MI. They offer comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages using cutting-edge techniques. This dental practice provides a variety of services from TMJ treatment to cosmetic dentistry to snoring and sleep apnea treatment and more.

The challenge here is an IRS tax lien for $75,000. His revenue dropped from $520K to about $400K. His bank account showed negative balances and bounced checks.

There were outstanding invoices that needed immediate payment. We were able to fund the dentist and provided $60,000 for 12 months providing much-needed relief.

Philadelphia, PA Transport Company Rolls into Profits with Short Term Business Loans

This transportation and logistics company, founded in 2010, is a Northeast Corridor asset based provider specializing in refrigerated, dry van, and intermodal logistics.

Known in the industry as the top fruit and produce shipping company they are responsible for the delivery of a significant portion of imported fruit and produce to retailers and wholesalers in the region.

A slow winter and a personal bankruptcy just one and a half years ago brought this company to a near halt. He has excessive tax liens and various judgments. Not a beautiful picture. Do you agree?

Although they were doing $5M in annual revenue, the bank was a no-go for obvious reasons.

The owner felt very optimistic coming into the season, so he’s confident the payments are not an issue. The challenge is that the vendors wanted to get paid now and he needed to consolidate some debt with much-needed relief to his cash flow.

Although this is considered a bad credit short term business loan we gave a loan to this trucker $30,000 for six months.

UPDATE: Since our initial loan we provided the following short term loans.

Funded $17,140 for 7 months

Funded $85,000 for 9 months

In less than two years this transportation logistics company secured just over $132,000! We are helping them achieve their mission to be the fastest most efficient transportation and logistics solution in America.

Our long-term relationships with our clients give us great pride at Sunwise capital. We feel that the reason over 75% of our customers renew their loans with us is for several reasons. First and foremost is our straight forward, no B.S. approach.

We speak to everyone with the same respect we’d expect if the shoe is on the other foot. We also see our client’s world from their perspective. As long time entrepreneurs and business owners we fully respect and understand the circumstances that bring our clients to Sunwise Capital.

Our commitment in return is to provide more money with better terms and better rates when they re-borrow.

Speak to us. We keep crazy business hours.

You can call us 24/7.

We’d love the opportunity to review your options.

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